Breathtaking Photographs of The Human Race

GAZA - Palestinian girl amid Islamic Jihad militants

Palestinian girl

The Migrant Mother - An Iconic Image Of The Great Depression

The Migrant Mother

Husband - A day before the first wedding anniversary


With Mom - 2 year old helping handicapped Mom with no Arms

2 year old helping handicapped Mom

With tears in my eyes, I have added the photo to this article. What is the future of this mother with her child?... I hope so much that they find it in heaven

JUST 18 - IDF Soldier after a long run with full gear & battle paint

IDF Soldier

Eyes of Beauty

Eyes of Beauty

BUS RIDE - Passengers try to rescue a woman who tried to commit suicide


HATE - Loving mother & 3 year old daughter, were attacked by acid by the father of the family

Loving mother

Syrian Refusee At Turkey

Syrian Refusee At Turkey

Little Guarani Girl Holds On Tight To A Dead Rat

Little Guarani Girl